M & M FRUITS d.o.o. was founded in 2001, the main activities of trade and trade with fresh fruits and vegetables.

In 2005, it started with the production of packaging for the packaging and palletization of fruits and vegetables. With the constant growth of fruit quality and the positive development of fruit growing in Serbia, the need for quality packaging increased, increasing the share of M & M Fruits on the Serbian market, and the company itself became a recognizable brand.

Since 2010, the range of products has been significantly increased, and includes products both from own production and product from the dealership. Current offer of M & M FRUITS d.o.o. includes all products needed for packing and palletising of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as transport in Serbia and international locations.

Since 2011 M & M FRUITS d.o.o. it implements the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2009 standard as well as the HACCP standard, which once again shows that the mission and vision of the company are only the top quality products and services, as internationally competitive prices.


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